New Chandigarh : Top class city in the making

New Chandigarh has been a big headline for all leading newspapers recently. With Punjab government announcing that Mullanpur will be modelled as New Chandigarh, real estate race has begun in the region. Real estate majors have started announcing and advertising their projects to attract people and  New Chandigarh is going to be the hub for high rise buildings meant for housing, retail, commercial, hospitality and other aspirations of the lot. Thousands of families are looking forward to make their dream homes in this new city.

new chandigarh

I was eager to know the area in which this new township will be planned. To everyone’s pleasure, New Chandigarh is supposed to be spread over a vast area of around 15, 000 acres of land and will include around 32 villages present at the periphery of Chandigarh. New Chandigarh is at the stone throw distance PGI Chandigarh and will be the queen of beautiful landscapes and eye catching innovative structures. It would be well connected to all major cities and important places of the region.

Another important thing to note would be the pricing of the real estate projects in this new region. With Chandigarh all filled up with little or no options for new developments, Property in New Chandigarh is surely going to be a buyer’s choice now. As there would be a completely planned set up of the city and a big competition amongst the real estate developers, people can expect much affordable prices and the best possible deals in New Chandigarh. It seems to be a win-win situation for both developers and buyers.

Chandigarh is considered as one of the best planned and managed cities of India. With the tag name of Chandigarh attached with New Chandigarh, it is an obvious expectation from people to seek the same or even better level of planning and management for this new township.


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